Yooz Vape Pods Review

Yooz Vape Pods

If you’re looking for a vape device that’s easy to use, Yooz Vape Pods are the way to go. This 350mAh device features two-ml pods and charges in under 30 minutes. To use YOOZ, simply insert a pod into the YOOZ device and inhale. The pods last for about 24 hours. Because of their small size, YOOZ devices are easy to hide and don’t have an unattractive appearance. In addition, they come with 2 complimentary pods, so you can continue to vape for as long as you like.

Nicotine salts are used in Yooz vape devices to replicate the throat hit and nic strength of cigarettes. Yooz vape pods contain both naturally occurring and artificial flavoring ingredients. YOOZ vape pods come in two nicotine strengths – 3% and 5%. 3% pods are recommended for light smokers, while the 5% pods are for the more serious smoker.

The YOOZ Flavor Pods are constructed of heat-resistant food-grade plastics. They also have a stainless-steel vapor path and industry-standard silica wick and nichrome coil heating coil. The YOOZ Mini Devices are made of PC+food-grade ABS plastic and contain a lithium-ion battery. The YOOZ Series 2 devices feature an aviation aluminum shell and pressure sensor to improve the performance of the device.

YOOZ UNI – This high-end starter vape looks similar to the YOOZ UNI Pro, but it is more elegant. Its streamlined design won’t stand out in a crowd and has a tobaco-alike throat hit. The flavors aren’t overly sweet and are suited for light smokers and budget smokers who need an affordable alternative to cigarettes.

RELX Infinity – The RELX Infinity features wireless charging and costs $29.9. The YOOZ UNI Pod is the same price as the RELX Pod pro. YOOZ UNI Pods contain the same amount of nicotine as RELX Pods. They also feature a zinc alloy body and water-resistant coating to protect the battery. There are three different types of YOOZ Vape Pods to choose from.

YOOZ Vape was developed with the needs of smokers in mind. They’re a Chinese company whose businesses include e-cigarette research, development, and design. As a result, YOOZ aspires to create a better future through technology. By providing quality e-cigarettes to smokers worldwide, they are aiming to reduce smoking’s harmful effects and help smokers quit.