DOVPO Mod Accessories

The DOVPO mod is a mechanical device that uses dual 18650 batteries in series to power the vape. It also features a Micro USB port but does not have a charging system built-in, so it will need to be recharged using a battery charger. The fire button is ergonomic and has a colorful battery cover. This is a great mod for beginners because it allows you to change the voltage manually, and it can be used with both single and dual 18650 batteries.


The DOVPO VEE VV Mod is a mechanical mod with 280W maximum output. The device has multiple safety features to keep you safe while vaping, including a built-in USB Type-C port and a protective LED light. This mod has a vibrant color-coded battery cover and an ergonomic fire button. It also comes with a charging cable and USB type-C port. The DOVPO Mod features a potentiometer-based design that gives it a traditional look.

The DOVPO Mod offers dual 18650 batteries with a maximum output of 280W. The DOVPO VEE VV mod also has multiple safety measures, including a USB Type-C port. This model also comes with a colorful battery cover and an ergonomic fire button. It also has multiple safeguards to protect you from overheating. In addition to all of this, the DOVPO mod offers a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-use button.

In the DOVPO VEE VV mechanical mod, you can expect strong power output, a great punchy flavor, and a number of safety features. The dual 18650 batteries help you choose the right wattage for your vaping needs, and a USB Type-C port ensures the device stays safe from overheating. This mechanical MOD is designed for use with all rebuildable tanks and is ideal for those who don’t have experience with mechanical devices.

The DOVPO VV mechanical mod is a potentiometer-based mechanical device that delivers a great punchy taste and power output. In addition, the DOVPO M VV mechanical mod offers multiple safety features. Unlike earlier mechanical vaporizers, earlier-gen DOVPO mechanical mods lacked safety features and were not designed with modern convenience in mind. Moreover, the MVV 2 possesses a USB Type-C port, an ergonomic fire button, and a color-coordinated battery cover.

The MVV 2 mechanical DOVPO mod is a potentiometer-based mechanical mod that provides up to 280W of power. The MVV 2 by DOVPO features a built-in USB Type-C port and a colorful battery cover. The MVV2 is a powerful device that is a good choice for advanced users who want to vape in style. The MVV2 has many advantages for its durability and safety.